FabFilter ProL2 GUI issue

Not to blow up the forum with new computer issues but here i go-

I’m having trouble getting ProL2 to show the standard gui. I’m getting this sort of list view, as shown in the attachment.

I contacted fabfilter and they said
“Hmm that’s interesting. A list view is something that the host generates, so we do not have any control over that. Did you send a message to Steinberg?”

I had thought that this list view is a a view option but may be mistaking. im replying to them right after this.

Anyways, i had a similar problem with the prol2 gui on my old mac running mavericks on an i7. when i would open a new instance it would default to this view. but by pulling up an old plugin chain that had the correct gui it would show up fine. pretty annoying work around but it worked well enough for me. but on this new computer i dont have those previous plugin chains and so here i am

Any ideas?

edit- wavelab 11, mac osx 12.4 m1 chip

For reasons unknown, sometimes the “GEN” option in the plugin preferences seems to get randomly chosen. This makes WaveLab show a generic GUI for a given plugin instead of the normal one.

I bet yours got checked and you can uncheck it here:

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I hope theyre paying you well, thanks again Justin! Absolutely killer product support right here