FabFilter Q3 Sidechain with Cubase Elements 11 now possible?

concerning the new discription and advertisment it should be possible to use sidechain DynamicEQ from third party plugin (wave / Fabfilter etc.) in cubase elements 11 if they are vst3. Is this correct? I have Cubase Elemtent 10 @ the moment; it do not work there, because sidechaining in this version only is allowed with cubase stock plug ins (its a kind of fake information in the version before!! You cant barrely find any information anywhere about this limitation; very unserious in my view).
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p.s. i know there are a lot of trick to sidechain in elements (quadchannel/sixchannel/Midigate…etc.) but i wanne work with F6 or Q3!

In Cubase Elements 10 sidechaining is not available at all, and this was well documented in the comparison chart, and still is in the manual.

Thx svennilenni for quik answer,

but thats not my point at all (and you can read in the forum that i was not the only guy who felt fooled). My question is, is it possible now and for sure? Because it is annouced on the Steinberg page for Cubase Elements 11 without doubt.
Does anybody know something for sure?
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To be fair, they do show sidechaining to be available on all tiers in the comparison charts.

For version 11 - yes, since it is new for Element 11. But I am quite sure, they did not for version 10. If you still have the chart and can prove me wrong, feel free to do so.

Fact is that as far as I remember, Cubase Elements 10 (In my opinion) was never advertised to have sidechain. So if people feel fooled, it might be their own fault.

It is also mentioned in the Elements 11 manual new feature, and there is even an own chapter in it, which was not the case for Elements 10. Other than that I can not say anything, since I donˋt use Elements 11.

Again thx svennilenni,
for your engagement for the company! But my questions to the whole forum still is, is there a Cubase Elements 11 user who can report that 3 party plugins like F6 or Fabfilter Q3 (if its vst3) can now be sidechained in Cubase Elements, because i only could find hints in the net that only cubase stockplugin will work in sidechain mode and only in pro version complete sidechaining with 3 party plugins is possible.
Please, i dont want to discuss here if it might be possible (by logic) or my problems to felt fouled, sorry for writing this before, just if anybody has the real experience with it; that would be great!
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I remember that there were some errors on features in the initial comparison chart/manual released when version 10 (or10.5?) came out.
Not sure if sidechaining was one of them.

As I said before: Feel free to correct me, if you can find it.

Funny how those who put out that “hints” into the almighty web never seem to be available to clarify those hints…
Yes, you can sidechain 3rd party plugins in Cubase Elements 11 - just as advertised.

This old page supports fact that someone thought there were errors back then but possibly not that there actually were as obviously the page referred to has been updated.
Seems like a funny thing for me to make up a memory on but the mind is a strange thing.


Well seems I was wrong then, sorry for that. This seems to also be the thread that gave the wrong „hint“ about only Cubase plugins being sidechainable, which in the end was simple user error.

Only wrong in your recall (and you may not even have seen it back then), if you were wrong on your logic I would be worried.
Seriously, rely on you being right there! But thanks.

And yes, this thread does indeed also appear to be the one that gave the hint that was indeed user-error.

I just bought an upgrade to Elements 11 from 10.5 specifically for the added ability to side chain.