I’m trying the demo version of Fabfilter. I’ve only used the EQ but it keeps crashing Cubase.
Can anyone think of a reason for this ?

There was a post on here last week with several FabFilter users (NOT on it crashing)…if you change the subject to “FabFilter crashing Cubase” maybe some of them will chime in with thoughts.

Why not stick to one thread instead of spamming the forum with several threads about the same topic…
https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=186682&p=987711#p987711 :unamused: :imp:

It’s been re-posted in case people missed the first. I’ve noticed a lot of hate in some of your replies, maybe you should try and get help for anger management. Or, maybe a course in social skills.