Facilitating DJ + Instrument hybrid performers?

Curious if there is any sentiment in this software that allows VST Live to act as a module to a DJs setup of whom is maybe also utilizing modular/keyboard synthesis/fx and other instrument live performance.

That would be an interesting world to bridge but in a new way. Or if perhaps, VST Live could even be DJ software.

For example, a DJ could have a track list, but then with each track is saved a ‘Project’ or ‘Profile’ specific to that song which would contain everything VST Live currently provides. It would need that this is an ability to overlay this data though, ie, do song crossfades in which BPMs might be different.

Even if a band were to be playing with a DJ, or a drummer, this informational changes could be adapted and previewed and relayed to the musicians in real time to for example a drummer.

This could effectively bridge live musicians, DJs, and live synthesizer/modular/effectual performance, as well as visuals/lighting.

Can you elaborate on this?
If it is purely visual (text/images) info, you should check the “Notes” view.

That is planned.

Notes are available with VST Live Modules for iPad and iPhone over local network (WiFi). If that is what you mean…

I’m not entirely sure how it would work to be honest, but essentially tracks in a DJ track list, would have everything saved. Sort of currently how DJ software currently is, saving BPM, Key, etc, but more advanced. For example, a song track could also load in MIDI tracks that play an bassline, that bassline track could have different options the DJ could trigger on the fly.

I think there is potential here to tap into DJ crowd and Abelton crowd (live clip launching/looping?). Both are huge markets, relative to Cubase demographic.