Facing issue when multiple devices connected to Cubase

Hi All,

here goes my problem. I have tried many solutions from the forum but no luck.
I purchased Yamaha MX 49 and connected to cubase 9 elements and everything goes well.

Today i purchased Microphone with Focusrite 6i6 audio interface.I have configured it properly and able to record audio.

Now the problem is Yamaha MX49 and audio interface are not connected each other since i forgot to purchase the MIDI cable.

Now i have connected MX49 and audio interface individually to my desktop(Windows).
I have selected the ASIO4all device drivers. And i connected my head set to audio interface and i can hear my voice playback.
But when i connect the earphones to MX49 i cannot hear it. When i record using MX49, i think the system is still accepting microphone input only because i hear the keyboard clicks which processed through microphone.

Am i doing anything wrong with respect to device setup.
Can’t i have two inputs(MX49 and Audio inteface) process simultaneously?

Appreciate any help if i could achieve this without any MIDI cable connected between MX49 and audio interface.