Facing Worlds, a new metal tune to love and hold and cherish


Please let me know if the low end is doing good on this one. I approached the bass guitar differently than I usually do. My ears are tired. I’m debating buy a sub to mix. It would be cool if somebody would just build me a damn studio to do this stuff in. Comments are much appreciated. Also, I had a sinus infection while singing. My lead guitarist ran the DAW for me even though I was right next to him loaded up with vicks vapor rub and no shirt LOFL!

Hey Monk,
Sounds killer! Good performances and plenty of balls in the mix.
The only thing I’d change is the vocal sound. It could use more presence IMO, it’s duller sounding
than the rest of the mix - I’d add some sparkle. It’s also a bit dry for this genre, you might add some delay
to make it bigger.

Bit_c_hin’ tune!


Yes, good work. I thought it maybe sounded a bit clinical or sterile but what Lenny says makes sense about making it sound bigger.


I agree, killer tune!

And that’s why I’m going to rip it apart. :mrgreen: No seriously… the intro sounds bad… muddy and hard on the ears. Because the rest of the tune is so worthy, I’d rewrite or re-arrange it, or… drop it altogether.

I also agree about using some delay to open the mix up some

Again, love the guitar lines and cool melody

I think the bass may be killing the intro part. I was using headphones and my RP-5s to mix. Neither really gives you a good feel of bass. I just picked up some of the RP-8 G2s yesterday and hooked them up today. I can finally feel what the bass is doing and have a better idea of where the strong lows are and where the mud is.

The problem with adding to much in the high region on the vocals is the added sibilance. I just don’t want my vocals to turn into an “s” fest lol! I’m always trying new things though. I was doubling all my vocals up until this song. I think I can really let go and just perform instead of thinking about how hard it is going to be double some of the tricky parts which is good.

I tend to stay away from delay just because too much makes the words harder to understand. I could probably just raise the send to the reverb a bit.

Thanks for the feedback, glad everybody enjoyed the tune. I’m having a good time with this project. Hopefully by the last song I will have the mix down and then go back and remix the tunes appropriately.

I checked this out again tonight and it is a kick-ass tune. But there’s something amiss about the sonics, here. Let me ask you, what bitrate mp3 encoding are we hearing here?

I would love to hear this is full wav format

I think soundclick re encodes everything to 128kbps. So that may be one of the things holding it back since it is so compressed. We have somebody working on a site for us so we can stream higher quality stuff right from our site.