Factory default preset and customer preset concisely

I don’t wanna see any various types of ‘default preset’ messing around in Media Bay or another panel. I want to see only my preset and recall my preset as fast as possible.

toggle show/hide default preset
or clean all default preset
or sth. like search functions produced by nvk_search tools for REAPER would be great

once you toggle or clean, the default will never show until you re-open it.


Rate all factory presets by *. Then show only presets with ** and more.

Nah, That is another function. and it doesn’t have various options, 5 starts ain’t enough.

You can always create a custom tag (or more) (named user attributes) for reorganizing things in a suitable way for you, or even, if your presets are located in a specific folder, you can add this folder to “Favorites” and start from there your search.