Fade Editor: doesn't sound ike actual cross-fade?

What am I doing wrong?

I have 2 audio regions from which the start of region 2 overlaps with the end of region 1. Both regions have their region levels @ -18dB.
I created a cross fade in order to let them fade nicely into each other.
This cross fade sounds very smooth, no clicks, no artifacts, no strange volume jumps, when played in the project.

Though, when I open Nuendo’s fade editor, and press “Play Crossfade”, I hear clicks when the fade out of region 1 starts and when the fade in of region 2 ends.
The clicks disappear when I put both the regions’ levels back @ 0dB.

Is this a bug?
I’m talking Nuendo 7 and 8.

When I use a asymmetrical fades te create my cross fade, Nuendo’s fade editor shows these very annoying (loud!) volume jumps in the overlapping area when I press “Play Crossfade”…

Is this also a bug?

Thanks for any help or bug confirmation.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

…not solved in 8.1… :cry: