Fade Editor - Review & Development: Functionality, Hotkeys - pictures/video included. Thank you devs

The Fade Editor is ancient and really, it functions as good as a fade editor needs to… But there is actually room for major optimizations.

First off, there needs to be an option for ‘Auto-Apply Fade Changes’. There’s no reason I should have to hit apply every time I adjust the curve. Sure most people don’t spend much time designing their fades default to straight linear line, but if one is having to do corrective fades, or works in post production, SFX design, etc - it’s mighty annoying.

^Video Example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ysajo5kcwuiepha/Fades%20real-time%20adjustment.mp4?dl=0

^Secondly, there is no option for ‘Always Stay On top’ also seen in the video above. I cannot, go between adjusting the fade curve in the editor, to adjusting the fade on the actual event without the editor box closing.

Feature suggestions:

-One should be able to adjust the curvature of the fade right on the event fade drag point.
-bypass fade
-Global project presets
-presets for curve types so fade editor doesn’t have to be opened

This would speed things up significantly, having a way to quick set fade starting and end points. You could make these settings also accessible via info-line, and or, a ctrl/alt/shift modifer on the event fade-drag-point.

These are small things, that professional users - people in post, sample creation, SFX creation, and dialogue editing need.
Thank you

Right Click on fade-drag-point should being up fade selection menu

+1 Like this one a lot.! And, if right-clicking is troublesome to implement here, as one is usually left-clicking and dragging these fade handles, maybe this menu could be made to appear with a right-click, whilst holding the left-click…? I’ve seen that in other apps… Just a suggestion…

I took that from Vegas, right-clicking on the grab point, curve, or I’m also pretty sure anywhere between the curve and the end of the event


Why not just bezier curving? That would be awesome!!
It’s already on the automation lanes, so why not on audio events…

Yes this would be great as well

I’m wasting so much time with these fade curve shapes, double clicking to open this box and press “apply” again! to devs: please read this and and change it!
ResonnantMind: your feature suggestions are totally right and needed!

Bézier curves directly on the event would be great, as in Pro Tools:

https://gifyu.com/image/vEaT (at the end of this gif anim (some other goodies first))

I can see merit to all the suggestions in this thread. My needs are usually a bit simpler than all this. I’d simply like a rational auto-crossfade function. The thing that is implemented is beyond worthless. It is limited to 500 ms, which might be good most of the time, but is a senselessly arbitrary restriction. There shouldn’t be any restriction. If you ask for auto crossfades, then any overlap of any length should be cross-faded. If I don’t like that result, I can easily trim the event.

But the biggest problem is that there is absolutely no visual feedback indicating whether or not a cross-fade has been applied. Let’s say you have the dialog set to 200 ms. If the song’s tempo is 120 BPM, then a quarter note is 500 ms , and 8th note is 250 ms and a 16th note is 125 ms. If you have a 16th note overlap, then a fade will be applied. But if the overlap is a quarter note – no fade. Either way, the track image looks exactly the same, so the only way to know if the fade happened is to carefully listen to the fades.

That is so bad that I just do all the fades manually to make sure I know what is happening. Seems like a really silly set of restrictions to me.

hmmm, what do you mean you can’t see the fades? I think there is a preference for this. I can always see my fades.

I can see the fades that I do manually with the X command. Those are obvious with a big X.

When there is an auto-fade of an overlapped clip, I see nothing on the track to indicate a fade. All I see is the same cross-hatch in the overlap region, whether or not an auto-fade happened to be applied.

Ahhh I see what you are saying. yes I agree, this is a good suggestion to add here

Even this would be very good workflow

some sort of multi-modifier (one that doesn’t interfere with zoom or horizontal scroll) that becomes available and highlighted when the mouse cursor is within the fade range for the event, allowing the user to scroll through the fade types.

You could additionally, have a more complex modifier like ctrl+alt+shift+scroll that changes the contour average of the fade.

And the same could be done with Crossfade type selection

Was there any development here in Version 11?

Was dueling fade windows fixed at least?

This is one of those small things that aggravates me to no end


On a side note and continuing development ideas:

I’d like to see ‘Copy Fade’ / ‘Paste Fade’ functions. This could be used in certain instances but one use case is a macro to ‘Bounce Events Keep Fades’

-copy fades
-bounce event
-paste fades