Fade generator for AAF / OMF imports

I work mainly on Nuendo, but one of my biggest problem is still the import of AAF coming from the editing sessions of protools. Indeed, if there could be these options in AAF/OMF importation, it will change my life:

  • Automatic detection of multichannel tracks.
  • Automatic detection of “fade clips” to regenerate them from the surrounding handles. The analysis of the sounds of these clips can help to find the fade used. In the current state, I sometimes even have clicks on these clip transitions.
  • Better integration of level and panning automations.

Thank you in advance for your opinion!


This would be SO awesome. I have no idea why AAF is so crappy that these fade clips even exist. It’s nuts. Nuendo would make the lives of many of us so much easier.

If I get my hands on the PT session, I use AATranslator to translate to a Nuendo Track Archive, it’s a much better result. Otherwise I try to use the Logical Editor to select clips that are super short. It at least helps with selecting and deleting those pesky fade clips. But you have to do the proper fades manually.

++1 Here too !

you do know that the fades are created by the exporting software?
It has nothing to do with the format itself.