Fade Handles Aren't There


I recently bought Cubase 7.5 Artist for my PC and can’t figure out how to get the fade handles to show up on the tracks. The tracks are just instrument tracks from Aria, Kontakt etc. Seems like it should just be a simple thing to have the fade handles already there. I’ve searched the forum and elsewhere online and although people talk about how to use the handles for fades, I can’t seem to find anyone to explain how to actually turn them on or why they might not be showing up. It’s not a “handle brightness” issue. The cursor just never changes to the <-> arrows when I go to the upper corners of the track. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Fades are for audio files not midi clips.

Thanks for responding Jared. I wonder why that is though. Is that just a Cubase thing?

Thanks Headlands. I just started using the automation for the midis which works fine.

Using 7.5 - I can’t see any fade handles on my audio clips. Any ideas?

Also anyone got time to tell how to fade midi?


To fade a MIDI track, you will need to right-click the name of the track, and select Show Automation. Audio fade hndles are in the upper corners. Look harder . . ?

thanks for the response NID

followed your advice and finally found the audio fade handles - was looking for them in the project window rather than in the audio part editor (stupid right)

but as for the midi - I’m stuck after selecting ‘show automation’. just can’t see what to do or where to go after that

Hi, Im using Cubase elements 8 to produce my punk bands EP.
I have a range of audio files some mono some stereo but for reason I only have fade handles on some tracks, There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which tracks have them and which tracks do not. This is rather aggravating as these guitars need to have a dope fadeout at the end of this track but the guitar tracks do not have the fade handles in the corner like the drums tracks do. They normally look like this <- and you can drag it away from the corner of the track to have the volume fade in or out. Any advice, help and assistance appreciated. Cheers