Fade Handles Not Working

I’ve searched the forum about my particular problem but to no avail.
I am a fairly new Cubase user after moving from Logic and Pro Tools. I’m running Elements 6 at the moment.
The problem I’m having is that the fade handles just don’t seem to work. I can see them fine and drag them out but the edits don’t affect the audio. I thought it might be a problem with running a VST compressor compressing the output gain but even when bypassing the compressor, the problem remains.
What’s more odd is that crossfades seem to work.
I would automate the volume control but I’m at the mixing stage and am still tweaking levels constantly.
Am I missing something glaringly obvious or is this a known problem?
Thanks in advance.

Think I’ve solved this one, and it had nothing to do with Cubase. I’m running the POD Farm VST and this just models the signal regardless of changes in amplitude to do with the fade handles.