Fade in and fade out are not frame accurate?

When I applied a fade in or fade out and applied 2 frames fade in length it seemed that the starting point of the fade did not snap exactly 2 frames (about 2.8 frames I would say) and if I did 1 frame fade in/ out it would go about 1.9 frame or so. Is this an issue or normal?

It depends on what your fade in and fade out defaults are set to…

Just how did you “apply” them?

I double click the upper part of the fade section, then fade in and fade out are set to 00:00:00:02 in length, and set it as default fade in and fade out. I assign it to certain key commands (ctrl+d for fade in and ctrl+f for fade out. And when I apply them to any audio items the starting point of any fades are slightly off the grid and not 2 frame


And when you say “off the grid” are you talking about the actual length of the fade or where it ends on the grid? Because I don’t think fades actually quantize the in/out points of the event boundaries, I think they only set the length of the fades… right?

In other words it’s possible that your event boundaries aren’t on a frame to begin with.

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