Fade-In and Fade-Out shortcut

Is there a way in WL9 to have the same shortcut for Fade-In and Fade-Out, as it was in previous versions? If the selected part was at the begin of the file WL8 automatically made a fade-in and if it was at the end of the file automatically a fade-out, always with the same shortcut.
In WL9 I can only have two different shortcuts and I find it hard to get used to that. At the moment I always produce fade-Ins at the end of the file, because I forget to use a different shortcut…Do I miss something?

This option has been removed. You need a different shortcut for in and out.

Why was this removed? It was an incredibly-useful feature. Can it be brought back?

You just need to remember a new shortcut. Not a big deal i hope.

Is there a function that automatically chooses between fade in and fade out, depending on where the selection is made? I really liked being able to select the head or tail of a file and hitting a single shortcut to render the fades. While it’s not a showstopper to have to use separate shortcuts for In and Out, it’s not as sleek as the single one I’ve been using for years.

I’m curious why the single smart fade function was removed. As someone who often edits hundreds of files a day, I found it was a really nice feature.

It was removed to prevent having an additional button in the ribbon, to reduce complexity.