Fade in and fade out specified time to selected clips?

Is there a way to automatically apply fade ins and outs to a group of selected clips?

Say there’s a pad part and you slice it up at various points, I want to apply a fade in and out to avoid clicks.


You can select multiple events and apply the same Fade-In/Out at once by using settings in the Info Line, or you can make your own Project Logical Editor preset, to apply it.

You can also select multiple events and drag the fade handle of just one of the events and they all follow. That’s what I do when I’m cutting up vocals sometimes and I need to fade in the breaths.

A good way to generally avoid clicks is by turning on Auto-Fades and Auto-Crossfades. Click ProjectMenu->AutoFadesSetings… Then check the 3 options on the top right and adjust the length to suit. Personally I turn this on for every project and I usually leave it at the default of 30ms, but sometimes I use 50ms for a smoother transition.