Fade in issue

When moving the slider on an Audtio Track, to set fade in / out, I am having an issue where fade out works fine, moving the corner makes a fade out , but doing the same for fade in does not work at all, it moves, draws a line downwards but does nothing at all.

Using Cubase 10, really confused, never used to be this way.

I can create the fade in using Audio > Process > Fade in but I have to select regions etc, easier to drag the corner , at least it should be.

Hi all

Very strange, working fine here, did exactly that all morning, fade ins and outs

Best Regards, Dave

So you drag the little marker on the clip from the left to the right and it draws your fade in ?

Yes, drag the top corner and it creates the fade in/ or out.

Best Regards, Dave

How bizarre that it doesn’t on mine.

Fade out is OK, Fade in will not work…

Loaded into Safe Mode and the ability to make the fade in by dragging comes back, so I deleted preferences. Loaded up project , and you cannot fade in again by dragging.

Really annoying, but this is one for Steinberg support…