fade in/out curve

hey guys quick question,

i want to change the fade in/out curve for audio so instead of straight its curved etc…

thanks in advance

Double click on the fade and it will open a window where you can edit the curve. Make sure you double click on the upper section of the fade diagram. Otherwise it will open the sample editor.

thanks got it!

be nice if we could have proper bezier curves, like Studio One…

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Sorry, I don’t use Studio One, but what would a proper bezier curve for you mean?

Nodes having handles to change their Q values?

You simply drag the curve, so you can have almost any type of fade curve, without having to adjust “angled” nodes. The Cubase system, open the dialogue, adjust individual nodes, maybe useful in some cases but for most times it’s simply clumsy.
Doesn’t seem to want to let me upload a short screen capture film so a couple of frame grabs should do the trick.