Fade in/out for all marked pads at once?


As the title says, ist it possible to alter the fade in/out handles in the sample editor tab for all marked pads at once? I find it quite inconvenient to do this for all samples individually…maybe I’m missing something? I’m using GA 5 SE mainly to sample rendered instruments out of my Cubase sessions. This would be a huge time saver for me…

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I go through the same thing. People just don’t answer. I myself haven’t tried editing samples so I can’t answer, but I hear ya. Hopefully someone with some knowledge will give you a helping hand. I wish SB would pay someone to man the forums, some expert in their products.

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I am on groove agent 4 full version and I cant do it either but I also have halion 6 and it will let you fade multiple samples at once they should add this to groove agent theres nothing like flam buzz articulations in halion for drums

Hi Tomess,

I also don’t know how to change the Fade In time of several samples simultaneously. But in the Sample Editor / Amp you can change at least the attack time of all selected samples simultaneously, using the corresponding switch even “Relative” or “Absolute”. The effect is at least similar. Maybe this will help you.
Have a nice day.

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This might just be the best workaround until it’s sorted.

Thank you very much for this tip! :smiley: