Fade In/Out KeyCommand


I tried and looked for many solutions but apparently it’s not in Cubase for now.
My aim is to select many events and apply them a fade in/out juste cliking on one key/button.
Because as far as I know, there is only few kinds of ways of doing this :

  • Autofade (no visual return)
  • Manually drag from left or right corner (mouse needed)
  • Set to cursor (1 by 1)
  • Selection tool + A (not applied to all)
  • Offline fade in/out (kind of destructive - visually I mean - and most of all not configurable)

I use an Artist Control, and I think people using that kind of device need keycommands/macros to speed up their worlkflow !

So my wish would be a keycommand to configure fades (same settings as the auto fades), but applying them to the handles of the events.
-> Select all events -> push “Ctrl+Shift+whatever” -> et voilà !

Hope this will be available in the next release :slight_smile:

Any reason why the autofade wont do it for you? There shouldn’t be any reasons as to why you need visual feedback.

You could also select all events and drag the corner and it will apply to them all, but again no reason not to use the autofade.

Thanks for your feedback KHS.

About selecting all events and drag the corner, it is not working with macros/keycommand since you have to use the mouse.

About autofades : I think visual feedback is really important when you have many events to treat. For example, I do many voice over editing, so I have to cut parts many time in order to find the right sentence. The thing is : I don’t cut evenly the beginings or the ends. So the milliseconds you configure on the autofade pannel are not relevant since they apply only if the gap between the begining of the event and the begining of the sentence are at the same distance every time.
With visual feedback, I would be able to adapt accurately to every events which would need to be treated.

I don’t know if I’m clear but I think this is an important feature.

The autofades have both crossfades as well as fade in and out. And no it doesn’t only apply if the gap is the same, it applies always if turned on. If the events do not touch or overlap there will not be a crossfade but a fade in/out. Then you don’t need to think about and waste time to check if you have created fades everywhere as you know it’s always there.

I think you missed my point here (english is not my mother tongue, so that could be my fault).

I know that autofade applies if turned on.
I know also that if there is no overlapping, it applies a fade in/out.

So as you say, it’s always there. But, once done (and it’s automatically done), you can’t work on a specific event to refine the fade settings as you can do with corner handles.

The thing I ask is kind of a “in between” : the automation and keycommand possibility of the autofade WITH the flexibility and visual feedback of the corner handles.

Hope it’s clearer !

You can always refine a specific event by using the corner dragging as that overrules the autofade. But did you like under key commands and then audio? There is a few fade commands that are not assigned by default.

Oh, I did not know that corner dragging was overruling the autofade, that’s interesting.
I don’t have Cubase at home, I’ll check the commands tomorrow at the studio.
Thanks for your solutions.

I checked the fade commands but they are not related to my “problem”.

Again, even if your solution is working, it would be a lot easier if autofade was using the handles to see what’s going on !

I update this topic because :

I now use the autofade and it’s working, but… I recently had to make an edit on one regionand wanted that region not to be faded… And I don’t think you can “unfade” some begining/end of certain regions…

So, any ideas ?