Fade in / out preferences question


In a montage when making fade ins and outs I keep setting up my preferred fades as default, but every time I open a new montage I have to do this operation over again. It won´t store these preferred settings as a global setting for all montages.

How do I make these fade preferences I set as default stay this way for all future montages?


My guess is that you should make a new empty montage, set the default fades (and any other things) as you wish, and then save this as a montage template. Then when you make a new montage, start from the template.

I don’t do this for fades so I don’t know it’s the ultimate solution but I use montage templates to save other things I want to have in place when starting a new montage.

Hi Justin

That´s probably a good idea! I´ll try that:)



Also check Preferences>Global>Audio>Default Fade/Crossfade

I’m a little too busy this week to trial and error it but one of those options should work.

What I ended up doing … FWIW … is actually assigning a shortcut key. So, for example, sinusoid fade is “`”.