Fade in weirdness

So there is something funny going on with the fade ins here…

Maybe its because the fade in menu has a design flaw? Idk…

Anyway, seems that the fade in doesnt start from the beginning… (Very noticeable on long fades)

Does anybody know how to get the fade going from the start (without buggy offset)?


To me it looks like the shape you have in the settings window at the top starts at zero and then over a very short (but non-zero) time ramps up to about 3/4. From there it ramps slowly up to 1. The shape shown in the bottom looks like it is doing the same thing stretched out over a long time.

Yeah, it shouldnt “ramp up” at 3/4 … It should start at 3/4…

To me it looks like the fade editor doesnt start at 0 …
->And the longer the fade, the longer this “non-0” start becomes pronounced… -> unnoticable with small events, but the longer the event , the more “exponential error” is built in…


Basically fade ins and outs are just that in Steinberg world…they must reach or start from silence.

I seriously doubt this would cause any audible detriment but if you believe you’re hearing it then you’ll have to use volume automation for those super long volume increases. Obviously if you fade from silence it isn’t relevant at all.

Fade in delta should be the same length for all event lengths.

This fade looks like it is better made with the volume envelope. Then it doesn’t need to start from silence.

Lol, i did not think of that… Haha… Yes, that would be a solution…thx.:slight_smile:

(Strangely, i do not like using the volume envelope for various reasons…)

Still, to turn the coin, The above fade looks more like this (pic2) than what is shown in the actual fade(pic1)

I like working with the fades and the fade menu… Its so hassle free…

Maybe there will be a dropdown menu in the fade menu for volume as well in the future -> like note expression for events via fade menu… (Note expression is not very sympathetic either btw)
->(if the fade/fade menu cannot be adjusted to start fades at X level)

Ok, thx all for the workarounds and solidarity…:slight_smile:

-> still, the exponential fade in error remains;)

Take care all:)