Fade is not working over BIAS FX guitar insert

I just started to use BIAS FX guitar amp and effects insert with Cubase 9.5 AI and I noticed that fade is not effective when I have BIAS FX insert on (drive effect not faded). When I turn that insert off fade is working fine. Just listen to the attached files.

Please, I would like to have an advice how to use fade in a way that it works over all inserts?

BIAS FX insert off and fade on

BIAS FX insert on and fade on


Isn’t there a compressor which keeps the signal on the level?

No, it happens also when I have turned all other inserts off. If I turn off distortion effect in BIAS FX, then Cubase fade is working, but I don’t understand why Cubase is not fading over BIAS FX distortion effect.


Did you bypass all other modules in the Bias FX chain? I’m quite sure, there must be a Compressor or a Limiter somewhere in the signal chain.

Hello and thanks for reply!

On Bias FX I have chain Drive - Brittish Plexi 50 w amp - Delay - Reverb, that’s all. On Cubase guitar track I have Bias FX and VSTDynamics, but the later one is turned off. The critical factor is the drive effect, when it’s turned off, then Cubase fade is working. I can’t understand why Cubase fade is not fading over the track, I would assume that it goes over every inserts.


Could you please attach the Drive effect screenshot? I don’t know the plug-ins and when I search for it on Google, I got lots of Bias FX plug-ins as a result.


Here is a screenshot, however, the result is the same if take any another Bias FX Drive effect.


OK, a “blackbox”. I would probably recommend to ask BIAS.

I have the exact same issue except its ANY guitar type insert with a drive option,
Whether I use amplitube 4, Emissary, Guitar Rig, built in cubase ones, they all do the exact same thing.

No fades are being read, As well the even volume level isnt being read unless I drag it all the way to zero.

Tried trashing my preferences, zero help.

Please help me! It’s driving me bananas

Hi and welcome,

Could you provide a sample project with cubase built-in plug-in, please?

Has anyone solved this issue? I can’t fade out my simulated amp guitars. its’ pretty frustrating. It’s way too much work to use volume automation for simple fadeout…

I just made a new post about this. Having the same issue with Neural DSP. Can’t fade or adjust volume in the project window. Surely someone has a workaround?

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