fade length changes with resize region


i would like to be able when resizing region but with holding “ctrl” (for exemple) to have my fades end (for fade in) and start (for fade out) to stay where they are and resize following the resize of the region.

When i set a fade normally i know exactly where i want it to end (for a fade in) or where i want it to start (for fade out)
Rarely i know exactly where i want a fade in to start and a fade out to end because it depends on the mix… the sound, the shape of the fade i want… reverb etc

So very often i end up resizing my fade with the lenght of the region. but then i have to change size of the fade to match the region resize a just did. (shorten a left handle of region you need to shorten your fade in to put it back on where you wanted it to end)





This could be available with moving a region that has a crossfade. Either crossfade start end stays at same position or it moves with the region. right now it stays at same prosition wich… if you think about it is not consistent with resizing region :
at this moment resize region = move fade start/end position wherehas moving region (not just resize it’s left/right handle) lives fades at it’s position.

when i move a region that has a crossfade i always endup moving the crossfade in a second move. because if i wanted just the audio to move and not the crossfade i would use the slip function.

well… anyways for me crossfade in nuendo have to be fully redesign. crossfade with lanes is a nightmare. pasting regions function removes all fades across the regions… selectin a region to create or edit crossfade you never really know i’f you’ll end up messing crossfade at start or end or the crossfade from other regions…never seems very consistent to me.