Fade Out locator on audio clip, doesn't move!

2 nights ago, my fade out (click and drag from top right corner with mouse) function stopped working. However, my fade in locator still works (click and drag from top left of audio clip). Since then I have updated Cubase 11 and reinstalled as well. I haven’t seen this problem anywhere online, nor have I experienced this in 18 years working professionally with Cubase. I’ve opened many projects from years ago to test , only to be faced with the same issue. I use this fade out function numerous times daily and it is making a terrible impact on my work flow. Please help asap!

The fade out function on an audio event is working as expected, here…

So, something probably went wrong in your preferences files. Try to relaunch Cubase in safe start mode, using the <Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt/Opt> while launching Cubase again, and see how the fade out behaves from here.