Fade reading problem on wavelab cast

I recently bought wavelab cast for my podcast editing. But when I apply fade in or fade out on my audio files, the sound stays the same.
where can the problem come from.
thank you


Windows or Mac ?
I just tried on Mac with Fade in and Fade out, it works to Render and playback
with WaveLab Cast version 1.0.10 (build 14) and OSX Big Sur

regards S-EH

I work on Imac OS X Catalina and Wavelab cast 1.1.20.
I can edit points and change the pitch, but the output level remains the same.

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A screen shot of what you’re seeing would be very helpful.

In the audio montage or audio file editor? I can confirm this bug for the WaveLab Cast audio montage (but not audio editor), and it will be fixed in the next update (end of next month).

The problem is in the audio montage. Thank you for your answer.
I will wait for the new update.