Fader and Input Level Behaviour

I’ve noticed an undocumented behavior in the input level meter, which we all know only works with the monitoring enabled. It’s not a bug, but I’d like to understand what it’s doing. My setup involves microphones in inputs 1 and 2 of an iConnectAudio4 connected to iPadAir with Cubasis 1.9, outputting to powered monitors.

  1. we know input levels cannot be adjusted in Cubasis, so I do that via the interface. Fine.

  2. As I’m setting the recording level, the meter on the strip changes with the fader, so is this the input level? Or is it the monitor output level? Seems to be the input level because when it’s hot, the recording is also hot.

  3. However, after I hit record once, the fader no longer controls the meter level, it only controls the volume. The meter level stays put at wherever you set it in #1. I actually prefer that.

What’s going on here? Is the level meter showing recorded signal rather than the monitor outs after you hit record? Why does it no longer control the values shown on the meter, whatever it is? It’s not a problem because monitor out should have it’s own output control, in fact, I prefer to set the level once and have a separate monitor control so I always hit the record button, just to invoke this behavior.

Any insights would be appreciated. If it’s a feature, it deserves more explanation and a dedicated button. Thanks!


If I understand you correct, you state a wish for a separate INPUT meter, where you can level the INPUT signal also while recoding, but at the moment there are no plans for this feature… otherwise the faders behavior is correct and intended as you describe it.


Please allow for input metering, even when not using track monitoring.

For those of us with audio interfaces the have hardware monitoring (eg. having purchased one of Steinbergs own to use with Cubasis), the current behavior is pretty useless. Of course if you enjoy doubler effect on all incomming audio, it’s pretty great :slight_smile:

Could you not tie metering to record enable, instead of monitoring enable?

Ideally Cubasis simply controls the hardware monitoring enable/level of my UR-44 audio interface directly, in which case you are fine to leave it tied to the monitor buttons :wink: