Fader Cap colors?

Hi All.
Sorry if this has been discussed earlier, but the search gave no results.

A few days ago I saw a Cubase tutorial on youtube, and the fader caps of the group channels had another color than the regular channels.

I searched the manual up and down with no result.

How can this be done?

Thanks for all your hints.


Check your appearance settings in your preferences. :wink:


I thought that it might be there.

The problem is that the preferences are not documented in the manual (only a “see dialog help…”) and I have access to the productive machine only during breaks and at night, so I’d like to be prepared to do it right at first time.

Is there really a simple parameter for “group cap color”, “FX cap color”…?



Is there really a simple parameter for “group cap color”, “FX cap color”…?

There is a single slider for fader cap intensity.

Unfortunately no, you cannot set the actual colour of the caps, only an overall colour density.

I wish you could have the channel strip itself colour coded rather than just the knob though - the colour would only need to be subtle then. A bit like how it was in V5

Thnaks Grim.

I’ll have a look at it tomorrow. So it’s not “color” but “intensity” per cap type, right. If its that simple I think I can do that in a few minutes :mrgreen: .


I think it’s “intensity” for all fader caps.

So it’s not “color” but “intensity” per cap type

No as I said it’s a single slider…one for all caps…not per cap.

…so I don’t undestand. Can you see the screenshot above? There are different colors for the fadercap.
Either they are already colored but I don’t see it and maybe with “intensity” I intensify the color difference or the screenshot above is not cubase (nuendo maybe?).


Nope It’s Cubase, the one control sets the intensity of all the coloured caps at once, just look in the prefs.

… and, with Intensity at minimum, the fader caps are indeed all white.

OK - I understand

MIDI = Orange
Audio = White (maybe very light blue?)
VSTi = Green
Group = Blue
FX = Purple

Fader Cap intensity adjusts all above.


Thanks to all.
It worked.
Basically colors are defined by Steinberg. Default is off. There is no “on” switch but rather an intensity fader from “no color” to “full (predefined) color”.