Fader Controller Roundup

I’m looking for a controller (no audio throughput needed) with a relatively small form factor and I’ve found great info on this forum about the Euphonix Artist, the Mackie Control Universal and the Behringer BCR200.

Any other controllers with flying, touch sensitive, physical (not virtual like the AC-7 or Touch OSC, but they look way cool) under $2000 that should look at?

I do mainly post with under 100 tracks on Win7 64 bit.


I know there’s a fairly new 8 channel controller out there which is sub-2000 I think. “i” something it’s called. It’s pretty ugly though and since it’s new it’s an unknown entity meaning you might want to skip it.

My opinion: If you’re going to spend around 2k, then you’ll probably be best off getting an AVID controller (formerly Euphonix Artist). From what I understand by far the tightest integration. Also a leading brand so…

One could argue that you should wait for Steinberg to bring out something for Nuendo. Then again, Steinberg prefer that you go buy someone else’s stuff rather than give you information that they have something in the wings… which of course may or may not be the case…

And in light of that I’d say that’s another great reason to buy an Avid controller: Should SB decide to discontinue Nuendo, or simply slow down the development process even further (a standstill?), with no professional controllers available for it etc, then you already have a controller that’ll integrate perfectly with the competing brand you’ll likely move to anyways…

So; AVID is my recommendation…

Found that new one, the company is called “ICON” (lawsuit waiting to happen?). Their controller is called the Qcon and looks like this:

Looks like good functionality but the images on the web site show the creepiest color schemes I may ever have seen on a piece of equipment!

I had to go to other sites to find these CMC things from of all people “Steinberg”. They look awesome,anyone have one?


2 or 3 CMC-FD look good to me!

The colors on that ICON are as bad as the Fairlight Xynergi or however you spell it. I mixed on the FAME 2 for years and the MFX3 was much prettier.


For post-pro, Smart AV’s Tango or WK Audio ID controllers are recommended as well, but they’re clearly more expensive. Maybe you can get a used one in good shape ?


Did you change your mind? You said you wanted touch sensitive physical faders…?

Yes, no, maybe?

I just thought they were cool but some reviews on the forum are not so hot about the fader response so I may be back to my original thought of physical faders.

The ICON looks good, too.


Also, no dedicated pans on the CMC.

What about these two?

The Mix version is a little more than £2,000 though…okay, a lot more.

I emailed the ICON people to see what happened. No reply, so that’s out.

Euphonix it is!

Been trying to get one on ebay and keep getting outbid. I might have to just get it new.

I will pick up a UR824 new though! Looks great!

I had the chance to get a quick hand on this new ICON QCON. It’s pretty much the same like the MCU with a few pros and a few cons.

Costs less than the half of a MCU!!
Much better knobs! Feels more like a real console
Slightly bigger UI, nice for bigger mixing hands, bigger Display, etc…
No overlay for Nuendo, it’s the default printing… :slight_smile: (btw: add. overlays don’t have to be glued)
Looks much better in real life than on every picture I’ve seen…

(ALPS?) Fader not better than the MCU, at least very similar, a bit noisy. I saw the faderknobs (self-)replaced by completely touch sensitive ones.
Jog Wheel raster is not ‘strong’ enough
No Fader Extension Pack available right now!
No MIDI-Jackets, just USB!!
Edit: No Timecode-Display!

Since I did not work on it, I cannot say anything about stability of the usb-driver and potentional bugs etc.

How did you get your hands on one?

Are you in the US? I’ve seen more reviews from Europe than from over here.


Visited a friend which bought one recently. In Europe.