Fader controlling for Cubase 11?


I am looking to purchase a controller for Cubase, which essentially works as a fader that can control parameters within Cubase, which also has MIDI cc functionality. I simply want to be able to control a selected channel fader and automation lanes including its effect sends.

Does any one have experience with this or recommendations? I purchased a Faderport MK2, but it did not integrate into Cubase the way I hoped it would and did not have cc functionality for sends.

Thanks for any advice in advance

Ideally something that is just a single fader. I do not need to control multiple channels. it is primarily for controlling automation.


Cubases CC121 would be top of the list. for single controllers. Are you sure 1 fader will be enough into the future?

The obvious one is Steinberg cc121.

Outside of that I think you’d be picking between two control protocols, Mackie MCU and Eucon. There are benefits and drawbacks to both.

  • MCU products are cheaper but in terms of automation if I recall correctly there’s still a slight lag after you release (stop “touch”) the fader before it returns to reading automation. It may be a bummer, it might not.

  • Eucon is probably the better of the two, but the one thing people have talked about is if the show/hide tracks is reflected on the controller I think now it isn’t. There’s an update coming soon-ish and maybe that’ll be fixed there. Eucon devices are generally higher quality people tend to feel, in general.


Presonus Faderport - single fader unit
Behringer X-Touch ONE - single fader unit
Avid Dock - single fader unit

Faderport 8 (multiple faders)
Fadeport 16 (multiple faders)
Behinger X-Touch (multiple faders)
Mackie MCU (multiple faders)
Avid S1, S3, S4 and S6 (multiple faders)
Yamaha Nuage (multiple faders)

Prices for the above is starting at about $200 for the cheapest single to $10’s of thousands for the most expensive…

It’s a good question. Every now and then I have to do audio post work with one fader and it just sucks. I can get by with 8, but 16+ would be better assuming perfect integration.

My hunch is that a lot of beginners (to control surfaces) feel one is enough but don’t want to spend a lot of money. But at those lower price points it’s probably worth it to buy the extra faders. Rather than a Faderport I’d choose a Faderport 8 for example (I have NOT tried that unit with Cubase/Nuendo btw).

I’ve a CC121 and it’s very good - the integration with cubase/nuendo is first rate (mostly!) but I don’t think it ticks ALL the boxes that the OP @harry_179 requested. Depends on how import this is:

you’d have to mess around a bit to make the fader a standard MIDI CC controller - although maybe using a cheap midi keyboard would be enough to tick this particular box.