Fader does not follow Automation


I’ve been having a problem in Cubase 6.5.

Let’s say I want to automate the volume of an audio track.

So, I then plot an automation curve for that audio track.

I then play back the audio track with automation ON. (The Green R button for “Read” is ON)

At this point, I can HEAR that the volume automation is working properly, but the problem is that visually, the FADER DOES NOT MOVE, nor does the numeric dB measurement on the fader change at all. The fader just stays at wherever I last left it, with it’s position being completely detached from the automation.

This is to say that I am having a graphic problem, and not a sound problem.

I cannot get the fader to move automatically under any circumstances.

This makes it more difficult to determine dB levels for subtle automation edits.

I did not always have this problem.

Thank you very much,

Hello, I have the same problem.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you attach a screenshot worth the automation track open/visible, please?