fader movement jammed on cubase 6

Hi all !
My CC121 worked great on cubase 5.5 , firmware,drivers is all up to date on CC121 .
After the installation of Cubase 6 the fader movement somtimes get jammed, and I got to move the
fader on CC121 up an down rather quick to make it work again . This problem is only on C6 , C5 still works OK ?
Its kind of hard when I just want to make small adjustments.

Anyone else having this prob , bug maybe ???

/ tompa

Not with the CC121, but using generic Remote: sometimes it stops receiving MIDI…

Yepp ! that could be it , but in this case cubase 6 stops receiving from my CC121 . This does not happen
when I use Cubase 5.5 . ( got them both installed).

/ t :question:

The generic Remote and the cc121 both are “Remote Device” dlls which implements Steinbergs Remote SDk API and work exactly the Same Way: receive Midi and do something with it… :wink: So there seems to Be a Bug in this remote code of cubase…