Fader position update

Hi all!

Do your CC121s correctly update the fader position everytime you switch tracks? Mine usually does, but sometimes it doesn’t move at all. It updates its position 80% of the times I select another track.

Do you also have this problem?

My fader updates every time I change track…as long as the next track has a different level setting :wink:

That’s not good news for me then… :frowning:

Hi psmarios, i have noticed this problem only recently.

the fader will move on every track if there is a difference in value, however it is not always accurate. When i touch the fader, the value jumps down sometimes as much as 3db.

I tried to re-do the its sensitivity setting. I noticed that on settings 4 and below, the fader will not respond to touch. (This is determined by the RECORD LED lighting up when touched.) If i set the sensitivity to 5 and above, every step works. Right now the fader sensitivity is set to 5 and so far so good.

could you kindly do a check and see if we have the same issues. Thank you.

Hi keyzs!

I remember having that issue too, where the updated position could sometimes be spot on, sometimes off by a few dBs, and sometimes not updating at all… Never thought of checking the sensitivity though.

You caught me in the middle of a change in accomodation and all my gear is packed at the moment, but I will soon deploy it again and will check first thing. Sorry!

Hi psmarios, thank you for your post, its been a while. since then i have sent my CC121 in for service and toady it works as if it was brand new. i was not only tired of looking at the numbers in the Console View but afraid every time i touched the CC121 fader. The biggest jump i had was a full 5db; by then i gave up… i figured the CC121 was not feeling well and needed surgery.

the problem we have has to do with the fader sticking… either old age or environmental conditions, humidity etc…

upon getting back from service, i did notice that the fader is silky smooth and there isnt the clunky noise during automation movements. i am able to now use the mouse to drag the fader and the CC121 physical fader responds correspondingly. Even, on minute differences in fader positions (on screen), changing tracks the new fader responds perfectly as well. also, my currently the sensitivity setting is on 6.

the good news i am happy to share is that, the fader spare part for the CC121 is used in a current model of another Yamaha mixer board. Hence i was assured that the fader for CC121 will have many more years in serviceable life.

once again many thanks for your post and good luck on your move. Chat soon… :smiley:

Hi again after a long time!

Thank you very much for your input!
Since yesterday my studio is up and running again after a long long time :frowning: and until now the CC121 appears to be working ok. I run a different computer now though, with Win7 instead of 10 that I used to run before.
I will keep an eye on it and if the problems return I will also send it in for repairs.

Thanks for the information regarding the fader, it is very very calming to know that it will be fixable for a long period of time.

All the best!


Hi Keyzs!

Sorry to drag up an old thread. I bought the cc121 last year and while the fader moves and updates OK in Cubase if I use the CC121, if I click and drag the Cubase fader in the Mixconsole the fader on the CC121 moves erratically or to the wrong position, so if I touch the fader on the CC121the Cubase Mixconsole fader will pop up or down to match the CC121.

Sounds like this is what you were experiencing until you replaced the fader ?