Fader Reset to Zero

Hello, I have Cubase 10.5 Pro and would love to have the ability to reset a fader or pan control to 0dB by double clicking the fader or pan control. I had Sonar Platinum before switching to Cubase and loved this feature. Thank you! Jeff

I’m bumping this because I’m currently learning Cubase, which I’m loving overall, but I really miss the ability to double click faders & knobs in order to return them to their default positions.

Hi There !
hold your controll button whilst clicking this will return the state to 0 …
or middle pan … in fact most plugins or faders, knobs (from Steinberg)will use this behavior …
in mac its the comand key i think …

That’s right! Just hold Command/Control like Tony_H said! That’s the default command for “reset” in Cubase.