Fader routing and trim plugin

Is the faders pre or post inserts? I couldn’t find where that was stated.

In addition, depending on the answer to the first question, is there “trim” insert that I can put at the top of the insert chain to lower the input level before it ever hits the other plugins.

Have some hot tracks-not clipping- that needs some pre plugin help.

The Channel Fader is always the last item in the chain. Inserts can be Pre- or Post-Fader, the last two are always either pre or post fader, I can’t remember right now – a quick search of the manual should clear it up.

There’s an input trim under “'Gain” in the channel editor, it’s right where the HP and LP filters, phase button it.

If you have tracks that are a bit too hot, you also might adjust the gain of the files themselves with audio processing, but the input trim will really help your gain-staging.

Good luck.

I am using Cubasis which does not have the same setup as Cubase. The manual for Cubasis does not state the fader chain it is just presumed to be the last in line. The trim option is not available in Cubasis as described.

Oh, I"m sorry. I didn’t notice. I don’t know what features Cubasis offers, but if there’s a way to reduce the gain of the individual audio tracks, that might be your best option. Just give yourself a good amount of headroom and things should sound right. Turn up your speakers or headphones… I’ll take a look at Cubasis’ features.