Fader Swap Layer: Nuage should have this!

On the System 5-MC console, they had a Channel Flip Mode, called Fader Swap, that would allow you jump to another sequence of channels WITHOUT BANKING! IE: You’re on Channel 1 - 16. You hit the flip button and they become channels 17 - 32. This was a great way to get a maximum number of tracks in the same space.

I think Nuage should have this feature. I’m wondering why it doesn’t. It’s got pretty much everything else. :nerd:

If I remember, Swap do not swap from 1-16 to 17-32, but from 1-16 to what to set up for each channel. And for that purpose, Nuage is very efficient with the numerous ways of selecting the accessible channels. The way Swap work allow two tracks by channel, the way Nuage work allow four memories, and lot more.

I have been demoing a Nuage intensively doing a feature film mix these last three weeks.

I am faster and more efficient on the Nuage than on the S5MC I have had for over ten years…

I do not feel the need for a fader swap function at all as I in effect have eight banks/layers available on the surface and a dynamic system that Is FAR more efficient than using fixed layouts.
The biggest thing I would want to change is improved visibility of Preview button/indicator. This is a pretty big isdue as its visibility and placement isn’t good.

The next thing would need further features in Nuendo an that would be “expand” based on multiple selected channels. This currently only supports the first channel. There are many workarounds to get to see the channels needed but expand is addictive and To be able to select just two groups and hit expand to show the connected tracks instantly would make it even better.

This currently only supports the first channel.

Are you actually able to get “Show Channels that are Connected to the First Selected Channel” working 100% properly ?
When I click this function on my system in a channels’ “e”-window, Nuendo shows the group(s) where this track is routed to, and the busses where these groups are connected to, but after that Nuendo only shows the first available channels where these groups are routed to and not the rest of the chain…
Another omission or am I doing something wrong?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Yes I know. So far it has worked reliably on Nuage but I have also experienced what you describe In Nuendo itself.
Also I have not been able to get it to work exactly the same in Nuendo and its mixer views as I can on Nuage. But I haven’t tried that hard yet.