Fader upper limit

In olden days we used to put blue tack on faders so they stopped at an upper and lower limit. What is the equivalent in cubase ?

There’s no such thing in Cubase. You can define +6 or +12 db in project settings as an upper limit (global for faders and sends) but that’s not really what you’re looking for.

you’ve got to laugh. Steinberg has managed to put musicians on the moon but haven’t mastered the art of blue tack.


About the thing with the moon I think the USA claim to have done that. In funny vehicles that look like kids’ work with aluminium foil and glue. Wondered why they haven’t done again in almost 50 years since. Now I know: too many Cubase-Nerdzzz up there :wink:

Indeed such a functionality could be useful for some scenarios but I wouldn’t say I’ve missed it yet. Either a fader is where it is or has an automation going on.

Slight hijack, sorry!

Ah yes I remember this well, though I preferred masking tape to blue tack. Here’s a little list of other memories:

Lolly sticks attached to gang several faders together. (works a bit like VCA)
Several pairs of hands each riding a set of faders. Oh the rehearsals and cock-ups!
Synchroniser reading SMPTE from channel 24, running a sequencer and triggering mute automation, also “live” synths running via MIDI or CV-Gate.
Quick twirl of an aux send knob to add repeats to specific words.
Loops of tape running around on open reels for delays this was more common than dedicated delays in earlier days

Also flying in backing vocals from a slave reel by hitting the start button at just the right instant
Trying and usually failing to write up the settings for the entire mix for later recall!
Locking a sound into an echo such as the Bel BD80, then triggering it as an instant sampler
Patchbays and contact cleaner.
Cutting the mixed sections together with chinagraph pencil and razor blade.

Then, there was aligning the machines, test tones and test tapes, de-gaussing…and on and on…and on.

Yeah, they were good days looking back, but don’t take away my total recall, mix in the box DAW, even if it doesn’t do blue tack on the faders :wink:

You could set up a hardware controller, and tape it up to your heart’s content.

We have no reason to go back to the moon lol. The diners were shite :slight_smile:

Blood on the splicing block.

Great post :slight_smile:

messing up the edit and so looking through 15 pieces of tape looking for the bit you need

@ delboy007 and Stephen57

Splicing 2" tape and having a joint come apart was always pretty exciting and not in a good way!

I had another memory I should have listed: Adjusting tape heads to achieve the best azimuth, zenith and wrap - you rarely hear words like these anymore.

…and the smell of isopropyl in the morning…aah!