Faderport 8 playing midi notes.

Cubase 9 sees my faderport 8 as a controller and midi device. So if I happen to be on a midi instrument track, then when I use the controller transport, it starts playing midi notes. Is there a way to remove cubase from recognizing my faderport as a midi device? I see it as active in the device setup but I would like it to not recognize it at all.

thank you

Manage your midi setup in “Peripheric” and deselect faderport from all midi input.

thank you. is that through the “device” menu? I deselected the midi and lost all control so it looks like it must need it somehow

ok so I deselected the “in all midi” box and that seems to work. if I come across anything else I’ll post
cubase fp8 midi.JPG

That’s it

Thank you