Faderport Classic - had it working...and then not. Any thoughts?

I usually track vocals in Studio One on my PC, where I also make use of my Faderport Classic, which sits in a vocal booth for remote triggering.

Yesterday I wanted to try Cubase 13 for vocal tracking — to get used to its workflow — and wished I could use the Faderport.

So today I tried to get the Faderport Classic working using the remote midi device setup thingy and actually had the controls mapped and working; at least for a while. And then suddenly it stopped working. No more response from pressing the buttons. Ugh.

I checked in Studio One; the Faderport still works fine. So the point I’m making here is that I actually got it to work in Cubase 13 on a PC, but then it stopped working. Does anyone have any thoughts on what might have cause it to stop working? Admittedly, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and was just winging it as I went along. Even trying to recreate the map isn’t working for some reason. It’s like Cubase is now having an allergic reaction to its presence.

Is anyone out there still using a Classic Faderport in their current system? Maybe it’ll be useful to someone else as well if this gets discussed. I still use the FPC because, well…it’s not broken and it still does what I bought it for. Sort of… :slight_smile: