Faderport foot switch not working in C7.5

Hi all
I was really anticipating the re-record function and the use of my footswitch on my faderport. now I’m at a loss, as the footswitch does not function at all. it worked fine in C7.0.7. I could assign it to anything I wanted. now it no work.
Did all the usual firmware checks etc…
All of the other functions work as before.
Any Ideas ???

Check your Mackie Device in Devices Window and makes sure it is set in compatability mode.

I got your PM. I assumed you were using a Mackie emulation. I think you’re probably right about changes to the controller interface being the culprit. You might try using an emulation mode, or/and make a support request from your My Steinberg account.

I had a faderport for a very long time and used it with Cubase but it never really did work right… footswitich issues were one of them. they finally got it sorted but then i bought some SMS stuff ansi sold the faderport. persons is hit or miss with there customer service. but might want to check with them if maybe they have or have in the works and update for cubase 7.5