Faderport: must "Add Device..." with each session opening.

On my Mac High Sierra rig, Presonus Faderport is removed every time I close a session. So, when I open session, I must Open Device Setup… → Add Device…

Reproducible steps:

  1. Open a Session.
  2. Device Setup… → Add Device → Click Presonus Faderport
  3. It works perfectly in the opened session.
  4. Close session
  5. Device Setup now shows no “Presonus Faderport” in the Remote Devices folder.

same problem here… very awkward

I know someone who recently had this issue as well, his eventual conclusion was that it simply won’t work natively on Mac though it does work with Logic. He reverted to Mackie HUI which is less satisfactory, but at least stays in place when each session is opened. I’d be interested to know if anyone here has found a workaround?

I have had problems with earlier Cubase versions on Windows and had to run HUI, but I was alerted to a post just a few weeks ago which got me to try native and its working fine on 9.5.1. Win10.

I will not switch to 9.5.1 until automation with “virgin territories” is fixed… :frowning: .(I paid the update but switched back to cubase 9) . sad to have no version without bug…

Yes ! Same here. Cubase 9.5.10. Mac OS High Sierra. Have to add Fader Port for each project.

Similar issue on Cubase 9.0 (OSX). When I start Cubase the Faderport is recognized, however I need to unplug the usb cord and reinsert it, otherwise the fader port will write volume automations for the first track regardless of what audio track is selected.

Same here :frowning:
Have to add the plugin for each session. It even sometimes disappears in the middle of a session (I think when deleting certain tracks).
I’ve been writing with their support without any luck.
Anyone found a solution?

Has anyone gotten it solved? Is it High Sierra only bug or OS update might help?

So frustrating. Still happening here: MacOS Mojave, Cubase 9 and now 10. It’ll drop out mid-way through sessions for me too.

Has anyone ever figured out a workaround to this? Very frustrating

same issue with Windows 10 64. Cubase 10.0.5. Have to load Faderport classic for each session, also stops working part way through session.
Have to ‘re add’ the device. Otherwise, all functionality is there. We need someone on here to re write or
modify a driver for the faderport classic. Love my faderport…when it’s working.

Problem since 2019… Today Mac OS Ventura Cubase 12 Pro same problem… My Solution Mackie HUI works.