The new FaderportV2 doesn’t work so great in Cubase. Its basically just a midi controller and midi controllers can re assign their numbers.
With that in mind is there a way to customize the Faderport cc midi com to work better in Cubase.?? I would especially like it if the control knob
would scroll thru pre sets for instruments and fx. What do you know about this??? Could we start a project to make some of these things happen?
There are plenty of home bound software people in the world right now to help work on it…


You could make a Generic Remote Device in Cubase and assign any MIDI CC to any function available. For the one, you have asked for, you can use:
Device = Command
Category = Project
Action = VST Preset: Next

Device = Command
Category = Preset
Action = Next

You would need to experiment, if the Knob is sending Inc/Dec values… In general it’s always easier to assign the command to a button.

Unfortunately the old one doesn’t work so well anymore either in the latest Cubase versions.
It used to work great but now it is removed constantly from the devices list and you have to add it again and again :frowning:


This issue is on Mac only, as far as I know.

thanks. I will give it a try…

Martin, could you ask company coders to add FP2 to the list of devices since it is among the most popular??? Or does Steinberg have a thing against PreSonus because its a competitor…?


Presonus made the component by itself for the 1st generation of the Faderport. But now, Presonus probably doesn’t support Cubase anymore (because it’s a competition).

I found a way to make a one key “return to start” on the Faderport V2 in Cubase 10.5 using the PREV button.You must have the MARKER button selected while you are using Cubase for this to work.
And I got a bonus in that it also does “go to end” with the NEXT button.Instantly.
Make a (+)generic remote, ADD, and rename first line. Make sure the upper menu has “Presonus” selected but nothing in the bottom menu.
I changed the 2nd column to TRANSPORT but Controller might work. And change number to DEVICE.And NOTE ON and select the"return to start" option in the drop down…Make sure the Learn box is checked when you hit the PREV button so it can send midi data to Cubase. Then uncheck it.
Look at the attachment and you can see what else I changed on the bottom menu.Hit apply and OK.I didn’t change the Flag column.
When you are working in Cube make sure MARKER is selected. Then the PREV will shoot the cursor back to start and NEXT will shoot it to the end. No shift key needed.All the other transport controls work regular.Of course pressing both the FF/ Fast Rewind together will also return the cursor to Start but my new way is faster I think.I tried using other buttons but most need the shift key and I didn’t want to change any regular transport buttons because they work good as is.I am curious what I can modify later using a pedal. Its too bad that all companies that make controllers don’t put 1-2 empty buttons on the device just for custom buttons. And every controller should have an LCD screen to see what’s going on. Many do but not the Faderport. And BTW PreSonus might hype the heck out of StudioOne DAW but I saw right away that there is some very basic stuff missing in that DAW that needs attention. One is the AutoScroll which does not function properly as it would in any other major DAW and some minor ones too.