Next question for this Noob.

I’ve used a Presonus Faderport with Live, Logic, and Studio One, for 3 years without issue.

I can’t seem to get it to set up correctly with 8.5 Pro… any users out there?



Some instruction here to set it up as a midi remote…think that’s your only option on Mac.


Thanks for the thread link! I had found that, but it hadn’t solved my issues. I guess ic Pro or cc121 it is. :slight_smile:

Of course perhaps I should save up and spring for an Avid Artist.

I really enjoyed the Faderport. I used Mackie Universal’s before that and between V-Control Pro on the iPad and the Faderport, I didn’t really need much else. Plus Studio One works seamlessly with it.

Loving Cubase though!

Thanks again.

I have an older iMac and have traditionally run Cubase in 32-bit. Cubase 8.5 wanted to run in 64-bit on my iMac, but the Faderport only works in 32-bit mode. All functions seem fine, if you’re okay with 32.

Good Luck!

Same here. Can’t get cubase 8 to recognize faderport.

I even updated presonus firmware, still nothing