Faders Missing From Mix Console

  1. Started Cubase 13 Pro
  2. Open CB 12 Project(s)
  3. Pressed F3 to Bring Up Mix Console
  4. Main Mix Console is BLANK, NO Faders or Channels Visible
  5. Other Mix Consoles are OK, Faders and Channels are Visible
  6. Project Opens OK in Cubase 12 Pro, all Channels Visible in Mix Console
  7. System Reboot - No Change In Bug for Cubase 13 Pro - No Channels or Faders Visible

Cubase 13 Pro, Win 11 Pro, Intel i7-8700, 64GB Ram, UAD Arrow & Octo Satellite, (3) SATA HD, NVidia GTX 1050 Ti , Latest Drivers for Everything

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Yeap! The same problem on Mix console 3. All I can see is only meter bridge of input channels. All 4 console work in 12 version.

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Same Here. I called support today and reported it.

I also am experiencing the same problem.

you can use C12 Projects, if you activate the Channel Racks Checkbox in the Mix Console Config. The reason is: C12 have 2 Subwiindows for Racks and Faders, C13 only one.