Faders not following automation - SOLVED!

I don’t know what happened, but my faders suddenly no longer respond to automation. Automation is definitely working (so please, don’t reply with “have you engaged automation?”), it’s just that the faders aren’t showing it. They’re just not moving. Incidentally, the same happens to the faders on the CMC-FD’s and on TouchDAW (Android tablet.)

Is anyone else experiencing this? It never happened to me until 7.0.6.

Are other parameters automating as expected?
Is this channel linked to another and are conflicting?
Does this happen with only one channel or all of them?
Do the external controllers change values (regardless of automation)?

Have you put it/has it put itself in trim mode??

No, it’s in touch mode, with trim disabled.

Same with every parameter: no movement.
Same with every channel.
No links, I have the same problem even with a newly-created track.
The external controllers don’t change the values. They lie motionless just like the mixer faders.

The last point is where we are going to investigation. That sounds like an issue with the remote control device configuration rather than to automation.

When you move the controllers, does the MIDI input indicator on the F2 dashboard light up?
If so, it is likely a configuration problem in the “remote control” section in the device manager window.
If the MIDI indicator lies silent, you might have a problem in the devices themselves.

For case 1:
When you the remote control manager, do you see your MIDI input/outputs configured for the device? Is it a specific device or a “generic remote”?

For case 2:
Do you have a midi diagnostics application like Midi-Ox? Check if you see stuff rolling there.
Do you have other applications that read Midi? Try controlling them.
Did you load up Cubase before or after you connected the devices? Cubase must be loaded last.

Windows loaded a bunch of updates, the computer restarted and now everything works fine.

I’ll be damned… :astonished:

BTW, thanks anyway Soul-Burn.