Faders restricted to track channels

Hi guys,

I pulled the trigger on everything except the PD. I now have everything up and running pretty smooth, though I ran into some behavior that I didn’t see reflected in any literature.

It was always my intention to use two FDs on my GROUP buses, since I built some project templates that pull all the tracks in to 8 Groups. What I found is that the FD units only respond to the main Mixer (the one called up by F3). They wont affect Mixer 2 or Mixer 3. Also, on Mixer 1, there is a bar delineating INPUTS on the left, then TRACK CHANNELS, then OUTPUTS on the right. The FD will only bank across the Track channels. If anyone else has found a way to change this behavior, I’d like to know.

In any case, I’m gonna try rebuilding my templates (not a small task when most of them pull in Vienna Symphonic Library) and filter the main Mixer to just show Group Channels and outputs, then Mixer 2 for Track Channels and Mixer 3 for my input buses.

Overall I’m pretty happy at how much I can achieve without touching the mouse now. Very handy to be able to program secondary functions to the buttons too.