Fades between clips are miss-aligned when rendering / bouncing

Hey everybody.

Still getting used to Wavelab 11 and liking it more and more, but i’m having a weird problem i can’t figure out:

On the audio montage, when i make a few cuts in the track to apply a different plugin (eg, applying an equaliser just on the verse) and i do an xfade between both sections, when bouncing or rendering the fades are miss aligned, you can hear a delay from one of the sections to the other, and also the level change because of the delay. (this doesn’t happen when i’m working in the montage itself, only on the render)

The plugin in the verse is reporting 341ms of latency, but shouldn’t wavelab compensate automatically for this?

Is this because of the plugin or something else i’m missing?

Help with this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


You mean fade out to fade in = crossfade
one clip into next clip, how long or short are the fades between clips?
and do you mean the delay is bleeding from one clip into next clip?

regards S-EH

Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 13.45.02

A cross fade like this, about 0.5/1s
I captured the audio and i divided the clip in two. I then added a plugin on the montage effects of the second clip. When i play it on wavelab it sounds fine, but when i render the audio, the second clip plays with a delay, i can hear the cross fade and the audio between the two clips is miss aligned.
I i remove the plugin from the montage effects and render the audio, everything is fine.
It looks to me that this plugin in the clipe effects is create some delay (341ms) to be exact that is not compensated in the render, and i can’t understand why.
Is it a setting or something?

Usually this is a certain plugin misbehaving, and not a WaveLab setting.

I would remove the Clip Effects one at a time until you can find the problem plugin and then either try the VST2 version of that plugin, or another option that doesn’t have a rendering issue in WaveLab.

Oh ok, i literally only have one plugin on the clip effects so i know exactly what is it.

So basically it’s the plugin that is not reporting the latency correctly to wavelab on offline export and not wavlab itself?

I just replaced it with another plugin, it’s exactly that.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, this is usually the case. You might want to see if you find a difference between VST2 and VST3 version of that plugin if that’s an option. Are you able to say what plugin it is?

Usually the fix has to come from the plugin manufacturer.

I actually tired the VST2 and it just crashed on render.
I already sent a bug report to the manufacturer explaining the problem.
It’s ThreeBodyTech Kirchhoff Eq on maximum settings (vst3 - linear - extreme - 117bit)
Lovely sound

I haven’t heard of that plugin but I’d bet some money that the developer didn’t test it in WaveLab. They may have tested in Cubase but WaveLab and Cubase are not the same and it’s critical that developers test their plugins in WaveLab and follow the VST3 spec very closely.

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It’s from a relatively unknown company, but a very very good equaliser, it competes very well with MAAT and DMG, only equalizer working at 117bit i believe, i suggest you give it a try.
Yeah, understandable, but they are quite responsible in the forum-that-shouldn’t-be-named and i’ll try and provide them as much info as possible to correct the problem.

That’s the way to do it! I’ve had a number of similar issues get corrected over the years by giving the plugin developer all the details. Most are/were willing to address the issues, and a few that won’t be named decided to ignore.

These days I stick to a core group of plugins that I like the sound of and know work well in WaveLab so I don’t have to do any workarounds or compromises to make them work.

If I decided to work a new plugin into my workflow, I do some thorough rendering tests first to make sure it’s usable in all scenarios.

Yeah, i couldn’t agree more, but i just started my journey of testing wavelab and plugins.

I’m really enjoying the interface and the super-focused-everything-on-one-place ux design and look - i find it so much better to work on mastering without all the distractions - but i’m still getting used to the idiosyncrasies of the program, including supported plugins and what not.

It’s a very good daw for mastering, one of the best, but i’m still a bit frustrated with the mixture between performance and lack of easy freezing, etc.
Maybe when i upgrade to an M1pro it will solve some of the performance issues.

It’s my understanding that other mastering DAWs such as Sequoia and Pyramix are similar in this regard. I think it really comes down to if (and how much) these smaller plugin developers can test in the more niche mastering programs instead of just the big ones (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase).

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Just out of curiosity, or if they don’t or can’t fix it, does it work right if you do a real time render?

Or if you record in real time from a reference track with the plugins to a normal track without and then render from there?

(Justin has a great video on how to set this up; it’s focused on analog gear, but it works for plugins as well)