fades. multiple things


i would like

  1. fades handles snap to grid and events.
  2. option (like press ctrl) for fade staying same position while moving regions start/end.
  3. option (like press ctrl) for crossfade change both sides across crossing point
  4. clearer or more consistent behaviour when selecting one region to change it’s crossfade start or end. (sometime i end up mesing crossfades from other regions nearby
  5. Fade and crossfade editor needs a smaller window version in the lowerzone for exemple so it’s constantly there following your selection.
  6. Fade editor need auto apply.
  7. here’s a last one that looks like #2 and looks special but could be usefull (to me anyway!) you place your mouse to create a fade. from there normally you drag ontop of the region to create the fade. if you move away from the region nothing is created because obviously there’s no region there. what if when you move your mouse away from the region it’s the region handle that you move while the fade beeing created. (hard to explain) :
    you want to create a fade in : you put your mouse on fade handle and move to right. But now you could also move left and the left handle of your region moves while creating the fade. very usefull when you work with movie, you snap your region with EDL markers to fit the shot, then you create a fade in that goes before the shot and you’r sure it’s 100% when the shot starts. because these fades can be few frames normally i would zoom in constantly to make sure they are 100% when shot starts