Fades showing in seconds instead of bars

Hey guys,
I would like to have my fades showing in seconds by default even if my ruler is set to show bars.
See screen capture please, thanks.
fade in - fade out_info.jpg


I don’t think so. I think, this is displayed in bars+beats. The 0.01… means one beat, etc.

So, there’s no way I could have the ruler in bar/beats as well as the fades in seconds simultaneously?

I don’t even understand the purpose of having the fades in bar/beats…

Anyway, thanks for your help Martin.
Anyone else?

The purpose is all your events are displayed in Bars&Beats. So you can measure all tracks the same way. I’m afraid, there is no way, how to display only fades in the timecode. But you can create new Ruler track with Timecode, and you can see the range here.

Yep, figured that one too… but you still have to calculate the range between the start of the fade and its ending, see screen capture.
fade range.jpg