Fading in and out notes.

I have Cubase 8 Pro. How do I fade in and out notes? I know how to reduce the velocity of a note, but this affects the velocity of the whole of the note over the length of its time. I need a single note to start loud and then slowly fade out. I can’t find anything about it in my Cubase books. I think I might start printing off sections of the Cubase 8 user guide.

Your best bet is to use the amplitude envelope of your synth. Short attack, long decay, low sustain if you want the note to fade while you are keying the note. Short decay, high sustain, long release if you want the note to die away once you release the key. If you are just sequencing, play around with the envelope / note length to find the sound you are after.

Thanks, I will give that a try.

Hi, depending on the sound-source you use this could be accomplished with midi Controller 11. You control the channel volume in midi with Controller 7 and you can modify the volume relatively with Controller 11 then. You could assign this Controller to a mod-wheel for example.

But it all depends on your Sound source and what it does with which midi message. Some sample Players allow to control volume of a Sound with the mod wheel right from the start.

Cheers, Ernst

…and for a looooong note that behaves like an Alarm, volume Automation could also do the trick.

Cheers, Ernst

It turns out that I can turn the MIDI track into an audio file and then use Cubase to fade the volume of the note over time. I haven’t tried it yet, though. Thanks for the replies.