Fading In / Out

Hi, Im new to Cubase and recording in general, so please bare with me if the questions I ask in this forum are basic to you all. My apologies.

Can anyone tell me where I might be going wrong when trying fading an event in or out. Ive just finished a trial period on Cubase and have just today bought Cubase 11 Elements. My problem is that ive watched a lot of videos on how to fade (using the mark in the left hand corner of the box after youve marked the section using the area selection tool) but that dot never appears for me. All I get are the ones for Length & repeat count. I thought at first that maybe this was a restricted feature in the free trial version but I still dont have it in Elements. Also when I mark the area and press “A” as ive seen in vids, this dosent work either. Sorry if my terminology isnt right, hope you understand what I mean.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Make sure, you have Audio Event selected, please. This doesn’t work for Audio Parts and of course not for MIDI/Instrument Parts.